We buy entire storage facilities and buildings. We do not buy individual units. Selling a facility is always contingent upon inspection.
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How To Sell Your Storage Facility For Cash

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Share the facilities details.

We'll Visit The Facility

We'll visit the storage unit.

We Make An Offer

If it meets our requirements, we'll make a no-obligation offer.

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Soon as we make a deal it's done.

We Make It Easy. We Come To You.

As the leading storage facility buyers in Michigan, we understand the intricacies of the sales process in this region. Skip the hassles of dealing with middlemen, managing maintenance concerns, scheduling facility tours, or facing extra service charges. We're here to offer a rapid, straightforward cash deal, promising a seamless transaction that boosts your bottom line.

What does it mean to sell your storage facility to us?

It means we're keen to buy your storage facility for cash, just as it stands. Easy and straightforward.

Where We Can Help

    Your facility needs significant repairs.
    Retirement is on your horizon.
    You're contemplating selling your enterprise.
    You aim to streamline and reduce your operations.
    The business was passed on to you, but retention is out.
    A change in location is on your mind.
    You're keen on exploring new investment avenues.
    The Self Storage sector is no longer feasible.
    Unforeseen financial circumstances are pressing.
    You hope to avert facility foreclosure by opting for a timely cash-out.

Selling To Us

We pride ourselves on our acute responsiveness to client requirements. Entrust us and you'll receive an equitable cash proposal coupled with an expedited settlement process.

Not really. Once we get a few details about the financial aspects and the location, our team will pop over for a quick visit. After that, you'll have a fair offer in your hands. We call that simple.

How The Process Works

Typically, it ranges between 10 to 20 days.

Absolutely, we would! We'll assess each one individually and then present you with a collective cash offer.

There are zero commissions. There's no hassle of redundant showings. Your self-storage facility stays discreetly off the market.

Property Condition

Not at all; we purchase it in its current condition, no changes needed.

Buying Details

Several factors play into our valuation, including:

The revenue generated by the facility.
The state of the property and potential repair expenses.
The property's location.
The going rate for comparable properties nearby, if available.

You can either phone us with the specifics and address of the property or fill out the form available on our website.

After securing a signed agreement and concluding the title search, the usual closing time ranges between 10 to 20 days. Your payment will be transferred via bank wire or provided in certified funds.

What Occurs If There's Outstanding Debt on Your Self Storage Facility?

Certainly, we can either settle the outstanding loan or assume responsibility for your ongoing payments.

Absolutely, you'll be compensated for the equity you've built up in your property.

Certainly. We'll liaise with the relevant tax or lien entities to resolve the issues and ensure a smooth acquisition process.
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We're here to offer reliable solutions to storage facility owners facing challenging circumstances, such as foreclosure, owning an underperforming property, probate, and other complications. At "We Buy Storage Facilities 365", our primary goal is to address your specific needs and enable you to move forward with your endeavors with peace of mind. Mike, your dedicated professional at "We Buy Storage Facilities 365 - 239-297-3383", specializes in acquiring storage facilities across Michigan for cash, ensuring a seamless transaction process.

Our Approach with Facility Owners
Should you have queries regarding our approach, the procedure of selling a storage facility, our assistance in avoiding foreclosure, or simply wish to understand more about our operations, please reach out to us. We're always available to guide you.

No need for repairs or upgrades; we buy "AS IS".
Zero additional closing costs.
We prioritize transparency and simplicity in every transaction.